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Jin Bee Pollen The Golden Tonic®
What is The Golden Tonic®?

The JBP The Golden Tonic® is a unique formula, 100% natural, pure and concentrated made in Korea. The Golden Tonic® owes its value to the combination of natural ingredients like 6 years old carefully selected quality Red Korean Ginseng root, Natural Bee Pollen and Fresh Royal Jelly plus a number of traditional korean and chinese herbs with numerous health benefits.

Our ancient ginseng based all in one health supplement is like no other. It may have benefits such as boosting the immune system as well as your sex drive. It may also be beneficial for individuals with certain health problems such as diabetes and certain types of cancer (“Understanding of Korean Ginseng”. The Society of Korean Ginseng, Seoul, Korea).

The JBP The Golden Tonic® gives you the possibility of having an energy and mental focus supplements, allergies relief and natural sleeping aid.

Key Pledges Of The Product GOLDEN TONIC

1-Enhances physical energy with no caffeine or additives.
2- Supports memory functions and provides mental clarity
3- Excellent for natural body detoxification
4- Supports the Immune system by fighting allergies, viruses and infections.
5- Increases stamina ( by boosting men’s libido ) and decreases fatigue
6- Promotes blood circulation

7- Great source of all B complex vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, amino acids and enzymes needed for a good digestion.
8- Support health of women reproductive organs.
9- Anti-aging effects for its antioxidant properties
10- Red Korean Ginseng has been used in Asia for over 2000 years and is called the King of Herbs for all the healthy benefits
11-Supports healthy levels of blood sugar and cholesterol.

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